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for the camera. goorning, everyo. welcome tos 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. itis wednesday, november 14th, 2012. right now, police are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in the a walmart in laurel. it happened at the walmart near route 198 and the bw parkway. tony tull is live on the scene now. any word on the manager who got shot? >> yeah, keith, good news. he will be okay. he was shot in the upper body a few hours ago. corporate officials from walmart said he was going to be okay. when we arrived, chaotic. police putting up crime scene tape, going inside looking for clues of what happened here this morning. the call went out at 4:17. shots fired, one man down at this walmart in laurel. one person was wounded, a manager hit in the chest. >> it's early in the investigation. we are treating it at a commercial alone robbery. this adult male entered the business. >> reporter: it started inside as a robbery. the suspect, described as a white male talked to this employee seconds before the altercation. >> came in. he asked -- >> reporter: police believe the su
question. here now is cnbc contributor keith bicycoykin, and david web radio talk show host and co-founder of tea party 365. steve, did the president sound like he was ready to do business with speaker john boehner today or not? >> no. this was no olive branch, larry. i was quite disappointed with that speech and press conference. and you noted that the stock market really collapsed as president obama was speaking because he seems not just today but the event that he had on friday, the two statements that he's made, he's been pretty emphatic that he wants those tax rates to go up, come hell or high water. that is going to lead to a mexican standoff with the republicans if he sticks with that position. i'd like to make one other point about that press conference, larry. i listened to the whole 45 minutes to 60-minute press conference, and not once that i could hear in that speech did he talk about the most important thing, which is cutting government spending. why don't we get the government spending down and then talk about raising taxes? >> you know, if you google up spending and
.c. will want to hear, trust me. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, november 2nd, 2012. we begin with two developing stories. police shot and killed two suspects one in d.c. and the other in stafford. we begin with a man stabbed an officer. megan mcgrath is live on the scene from the latest from washington's brookland section. >> reporter: when police repond to 911 calls they are not sure what they are going encounter, what is going to be happening on the scene when they arrive. that was certainly the case this morning. a veteran police officer and his partner were in harm's way responding to a domestic assault call here. the officers were attacked by the suspect. one fired in self-defense. police chief kathy lanier hugged one of her officers on the scene. investigators pick up a hoels ere and place t in the trunk of an unmarked call. it was a close call responding to a 911 dispatch. a d.c. police officer became the victim when he was attacked by a man with a knife. >> officers received the call about 6:45 for domestic assault.
is actually a good friend of mine, keith naylor and he is a professor at occidental college out in los angeles. and i was talking to keith and we were running the camera about what do we do about religious diversity and overcoming some of the cultural-- culture based problems that are not neutral. what does he see and particularly we are talking about socio-economic differences in the united states particularly a big city like los angeles. and also, unfortunately, racism. so if we could, let's hear keith respond to some questions about new directions for religion in america. one of the important goals of believes and believers is, for students to develop an appreciation for religious diversity. we're very fortunate today to have professor keith naylor, who is a professor of religious studies at occidental college in los angeles. keith, we're seeing in society a further gap in terms of the haves and have-nots, sort of a socio-economic gap. is this going to affect the organization of religions or are we going to see religions further splitting according to who has wealth and who doesn't in our s
.. keith. keith. jeff..... the victim is 32-yyar-old &pjohn mason. olice wwre able to contact his family because he had his cell hospptal toniggt, virtually lifeless....and hey want the caught.responsible for that.. c. mason's aunn. sheelives in mmntgomery county.. but he's in baltimore frequuntly now at mason's hospital bedside.. where he's crittcal cooditiin. .....mason s in a coma with multiple skull fracttres and some braii sselling. the beatiig happened fridaayat about 2 o'clock in the middle of the dayyat lommard and baltimore. witnesses told police at least four men attacked mason, nearlyybeating &phii unconscious........jjsi sayy mason had just left his pay a bill.. when the group attacked. p/////////////////sot/////////// / (jasi) "it has devaatated &pmy family.. uhm, no one can actuully believe what really has haapened..." detectiies say they are lookiig at surveillance camera video.... hoping tt findd something tt help them catch tte suspects. liveeat phock trauma, keith daniees, pox 45 news aae edition. two men... are... arrested... fo
obama decriminalizing pott pot. keith daniels, live in north baltimore with what direction maryland cculd go.. keith. jeff..... it's a affect ere on the streett of baltimore.. and across the possess marijuana escape prosecution..........ciiy delegate crt andersonnhas introddced a biil to do just that many times in annnpplis.. but the measuree so far has failed toopass. &p under that bill.. police woold issue a citation to an ounce of marijuana. they would not e arrested.. and ii conviited.. thee would pay a fiie of up to 100-dollars. and the issue f legalizing maaiiuana is that the washinnton guarrian - is releasing video of president obama, who n 2004, &pis seen aad heaad supportinn de-criminalizinn marijuaaa. advocates, including mmmbers of he grrup leap, law &ppeforcement against legal. they say it be wouud, mong other things, end the violence aasociated with tte drug. /////////////////sot//////////// (madox) "because it's no longgr going to be a cash ccop. yyu're not going to that people want to steal and ttat people want to buy guns to pr
... say... they... broke into a home... and... opeeed fire../. fire../. keith.... llve... at... shock trauma... where... doctors are... treating the mother's... injuries../ keith. keith. p jeff and jennifer..... police are not identiiying the other to protect her because the case ii still under investigation...........but doctors say sse's in critical but staale condition at this hour...... and tonight... the search is on killed her sons. sons. at first, neighbors had no clue why police and paramedics rrived on est lafayetteeavenne at whitmore avenue.. with flashing red lights and police ape. then they learned... a mother and her two sons... shot... she's critically injured.. hee sons arr killed. the commotion.....(jones) "but i never left out tte door to go any furtherr...".......brought syyvia jones to her front door..... (jones) "when i standing here talking tooyou last night and thhy were putting the young man in the ambulance, theespirit jst led god just cover him cause i can remember a time when mm son pot shot and i know whoever child that wws,
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's thursday, november 8th, 2012. in the northeast, people are shoveling themselves out. a new snowstorm hampered the region dumping more than four inches of snow in new york and new jersey adding to the misery for people who have not had power and gas. the storm is responsible for more power outages in the region. some are wondering if power will be back on by thanksgiving. >> it's unbelievable to go from a hurricane to a norrest ear and driving in the snow in the same week or same ten days. it's unbelievable. >> utility companies are working to try to get the power on and to get the heat turned on as quickly as possible. >> north of noonlg noonlg and new york, connecticut, drivers are dealing with treacherous driving conditions. a car collided with a jackknifed club. in lebanon, another car overturned. the coastal storm could dump as much as a foot of snow in new england. >>> here in washington, we missed the brunt of the storm. it affected travel. at reagan international, some pe
of dollars. keith russell is live in the newsroom for us. the postal service is still looking for help from capitol hill. >> yes they are, jim, yes, they are. we heard the talk about the fiscal cliff. the postal service said it's still looking for a stamp of approval on financial relief from congress. the numbers they're reporting in losses are staggering. the postal service is reporting a record loss of almost $15 billion last fiscal year. just last year, the post office was forced for the first time to default on $1 is billion in payments to avoid bankruptcy. the postmaster general said the business can't keep operating if these huge losses continue. the mail agency has been urging congress to cut back letter delivery to five days a week and reduce annual payments for the health benefits of future retirees. if that does not happen, the postal service says billions more will be lost. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> thanks, keith. coming up, why lawmakers say a man's confession to killing a 6-year-old boy doesn't mean he actually did it. >>> thieves stealing your information
... showed ...he was at for... more than an hour. - some frightening moments strrett keith ddniels, where investigators are trying happened..keith. what happened.- karen..... we're sheldon avenue...... it's a very busy 4-lane tough for an adult o navigate this block.. and witnesses a himself. d boy was out heee by - are... still without power new york and new the region faciig - ...a fuel crisis...///. david lee miller. .. &pis... now rationing gas..... - ....nd... the actions being taken... against ppice gougers. gougers. p,3 33 miller, fox news."jersey, david lee miller, fox news." 3 in his first... re-electiin presiient barack pbama ...addressed the &pnation... on the looming threat... of the 'fiical cliif". cliif". it includes... tax increases... and... spending cuts.... to... take january- and run... over the next decade...///. it... would amounttto seven trillion... in... tax increases ...and cuts...///. they... would be widespread- // nd... affecting... areas... suchhas defense spe
...// tooight...//here's... where it stands... right now...// now...// 33 keith in fells point.../ where... their sspporters arr rallying... keith keiih maryland...was ecided almost as soon as the polls closed... senator ben cardin... has been elected to another 6 year term perm party...karen... what are - supporters saying there toniggt 3 a member of the nnw black panther party is back outtide a philadelphia -p. this video of jerry jackson... a designated poll atchhr... wearing the group'' trademarr uniform. youumay recall thhs scene from 2208... when members of the group were accused of initimidating voters at a hiily polling site ... you can see one of thhm armed with a billy club. arrested ... bbttthe harges were dropped.and thissyear, ccitics worry he's at it again. iq: one would hope that authorities .... oq:: unintimidated ote." vvte." there were alsooreports of new black panther partyymembers at polling sites in cleveeann, not carrying cllbs or were --3 gathering in groups. 3 & 3 ♪ ♪ we're lucky, it's not every day you find a companion as l
of the dreem will alllw illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges.keith daniels is in fells point where the supporters rallied. rallied. ((take pkg)) & made hhstory in what waa a very close race.the ballot puestion received apprrvaa with about 52--eeccnt of he vote.jeff abell watched the debate over same sex arriage from downtoww baltimore. baltimore. ((take pkgg) coming uppon thh early edition... bringing a casino... to prince george'ssco. county.the victory celebration... for supporters of questionnseven. 3 3 social media sites have been bbzzing... about the prrsidenttal election.over the 3 3 meteorologist)) meteorologist)) 3 ((traafic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map computer map liiertt 3 3 3 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway" giveaway!"we're giving away 100 dollar visa giffcards every hour, everyday on fox45 morning neww throughhthanksgivi. thanksgiving. p3 you have 15 minutes to call us at 410-481-4545 to claim your p! prize!want to get your name in slash foxbaltimore and click oo "contests" to fill out the rules. commng up... treating differenttffrrs... o
. dr dr. keith ablow. >> he is going to help us survive the family drama. >> you can tweet us at fox friends first or e-mail at keith ablow will be here to help us answer those questions. >> the top five stories making news at this hour. the search for a serial killer is now over. police raying and charging a staten island sales man who is caught on video at the crime scene. spent 24-hours being questioned finally cracked and confessed. he knew all three of his victims and might have been planning to strike again. they found this gun in his bag which he kept at his girlfriend's apartment. it was the same one used in all three attacks. >> hobby lobby is not giving up its fight against obama care. it forces the supervised morning after contraception to the workers. the ceo says the mandate forces him to go against his christian faith or face millions of dollars in fines per day. a journalling ruled against the lawsuit monday. stick a fork in it hostess. the thanksgiving judge giving them the okay to shut down and begin selling off its brands. talks between the
. an exclusive video of the big name stars. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, november 9th, 2012. we begin this morning with gunfire steps from the white house. four men robbed five others along jefferson ace. the victims chased after the robbers in their car until shots were fired near la fayette square. megan mcgrath joins us live where she talked to one of the victims. >> reporter: good morning. those shots were fired on 19th street, we are told. we spoke to one of the victims. it was a wild morning, it happened around 6:00 a.m. as people were headed out to work in the heart of downtown. we are less than a block off connecticut avenue in the heart of downtown. it started with a robbery, tu turned into a shooting when a car made its way to manson place at the corner of la fayette. he and his friends walked out of his business near jefferson place, a lounge in the area. it's his business. as they walked around the sidewalk, they were approached by three men, two of them wearing masks, all of them armed with guns. >> he came behind me. i told the girl in the c
are willing to wait to cast their ballots. good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's tuesday, november 6th, 2012. it all comes down to one day, today. after months of nonstop campaigning and nonstop commercials, election day is here. millions of voters cast their ballots. manies more are waiting in long lines as we speak to have their voices heard. melissa mollet joins us with more on how the presidential candidates are spending their election day. good morning. with hours to go until the results start rolling in, a day of waiting in line for voters and a waiting game for the candidates before we will all know who will be the next president of the united states. president obama has radio and tv interviews scheduled throughout the day. it's done with the rope. he traveled more than 1,000 miles in wisconsin, and ohio. he made personal phone calls urging people to vote. >> hey, karen. barack obama. >> reporter: he and the first lady arrived in chicago to await the results. the president plans to spend part of the day playing a basketball game with advisers and friends.
. liz: right is this a sale, keith or back off and wait? >> it is one of those things, do you want to try and catch the falling sword? i don't know. it's the same when you get a rally and everybody wants to short it. you don't want to get in front of a moving train. you have to page what you are doing. -- you have to gauge what you are doing. i think you can pick and choose what to go ahead and buy. from a broader market perspective, i think again you need to watch the levels very carefully. we trade off the technicals. if we go below 1383, get out of the way and let it pull back some more. i think we will get one more run before we get the correction which a lot of people are calling for. liz: one point away at 1384. keith said we're going to talk about stocks. he will be back in a minute to tell you which sectors you should pick through and what to get and then which ones might get hit post election. closing bell ringing in 51 minutes. disney reporting after the bell. investors will be very interested in a franchise that started a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. of course
baltimmre with the latest.. kkith. keith. jeff....'s an issue ttat the streets of baltimore.. and across thh countrr. and tonight, the people weigh in. /////////////////vo///////////// we hit the streets of baltimore city to get an opiiion on this question: should marijuana be legalized.. or at least de- criminalized.. thattis remove the current laws.........thhe issue, revisited tonight.. withhpot now legal in olorado and washington state.. and with word that the washington guardiaa has unearthed old video of president obama during a debate in his initial illinois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. aa the time, the president said he was for dd-criminalizing marijuana. 3ppres. obama) "but i'm not somebody who belives in legaaization of mmrijuana. to rethink how we're operating in the rug war..." p opponentt say &mariju leggl..... they call it the "gaaeway drug" to more armful and illeggl drugg. live inndowntown baltimorr, keith daniels, fox 45 ews, late edition. that brings... uu to our question of that brings... us to fox 45 news, late e
with these people. dr. keith ablow will tell us what's going on. an dick tore yal palace, should we keep paying them? and how you reach yours, and mcmoran, drilling updates, delays in the gulf of mexico, shares were down as much as 22% and now they're down, can't read it over 20% and way down. disappointing profit at the rv maker thor it's down big and dillard's pays a one time dividend this calendar year of five bucks a share, it's way up. dollar general joins the standard & poor's 500 and that means a lot of index funds, have to buy it, up it goes. the board of casino operator, las vegas sands has approved a special dividend, 75 a share, up it goes. less money coming into the chinese game maker, it's down a little. and gm rolls out an all electric chevy spark at the l.a. auto show, the stock would reach 53 for the taxpayers to get their money back, it's at 25, down a little this morning and the dow is down 17. the election may be over, but according to the latest numbers, the americans are very concerned about the country's future. scott rasmussen with two revealing polls n
's senior political reporter lois romano and cnn contributor and strategist keith boykin. we touched on comments on morning joe. he released a little more detail. it says in part republicans aren't against tax rate hikes because of one man or a pledge. we're against hiking rates because they're bad for the economy and hurt jobs. our first team points out it seems like the parties are ready to agree to a large point for taxes on the wealthy. the down side is the two sides can not agree on how to raise the taxes on the wealthiest lois. >> i think you've hit the nail on the head. first of all, i don't think they care about throwing groesher norquist under the bus. i don't think the pledge is great de. they can't be on the side of raising taxes for the wealthy. the obama cam paper and now the obama white house has framed this in such a way that all these politicians who had been dug in before are saying, hmm. you know, we've got to do something here because how can you come out and say, no, no, no, let's not tax the rich. the question is as you say how do they get there, and think what t
. creative ideas for summer weddings. good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith rust. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, november 15th, 2012. we have breaking news. just a few minutes ago, united airlines said their computer system is back up and running. it had been down, stranding passengers at airports across the country. there could still be delays. now, to a force from the fib in prince george's county. officers attempted to serve a search warrant. this is where tony tull is live at the scene. tell us what's going on at the scene. tony? >> reporter: still a very, very active scene here in district heights. i want to show you a picture of the scene now. federal agents still at the house. many, many agents are going in and out of the house. they were in the backyard all morning long. this morning, it was a d.c. fbi field office search warrant. they were assisted by the s.w.a.t. team. they came in around 6:00, 6:15 this morning. when they got in the house, one of the s.w.a.t. team members felt threatened. at that time, he fired his weapon. no one was hit. a woman inside the ho
altimore county. counny. keith daniels allegations.. keith.clash's -3 keith. jennifer..... we're live on avondale at ááááá in the turner station communiiy. kevvn clash grew up here.. and and friends against him.rioos allegationn & &phim. in turner station, the word is out.. kevin clash, a hometownnboy who made good, is now accused of havvng sex with an underage boy. clinnon tatt....(tate))"we're just staying strong, like he's finee ww're not worried about nephew, speaking for the family. tate says his uncle has done nothing wrong. victim.(tate) "ppople try to somebody. he's a big target, it's elmo. everybody knows elmo, so.." lash insisss the allegations are false and at his rrquest, was granted a leave offabsenss from sesame &pstreet to quote.. "take actio aad protect is reputttion." claiming heebeganna exual yeers ago.. when he wws 16 and voiced aad animatee elmm since &pthe 1980'', admits having a relationship with the accuser, but says it began when he was an adult. in a statement, class says his relationship wwth t
...///. keith daniels,... live... at... shocc traumaa.../ where... the... victim's... in... critical condition.. keith. keith. jeff..... the pictim's name ii john mason, he's 32. he's been n the hospital since tte beating. doctors say he's in an induced coma.. with multiple skull fracturee and some brain pwelling. police say aa group of men beat him so badly.. they donnt believe abouttthe attack. attack. 3 it was a bold beating... a man attacced at lombard nd howard streees....ii downtown ballimore. it happened friday at about 2 o'clock in thh middle of the day. an unsettling report for doontown.(ms. randall/downtown empllyee) "we walk back and &pforth in the morning time and for lunch hour. we up and down here looking for places during the day time, it can happen to any of us."(ms. lewis/downtown residdnt) "it is very scary thougg, i will say that. i ean, working righ tup the street here and livinn downtown, i mean it's where you work and you live." witnesses ttld police at leasttfour maybe ive men attacked john massn on thh street, beat hii nearly unconscious.
... . keith. jefff... the ccrryout behind meeis a fammliar place.. for not only what customerr call good food... it's also knoww to be p place where violence is served. there was a call to shut the place down..... but tonight..... a neighborhood plan.. will help the populaa business ooen. 3pen. ressaurant."neighborhood type condusive to a atmosshere noo that's that it's more of an (haynie) "soo we think thht that's condusive to a here now neighborhood type restaurant." the arryout nn oomunity re-opening that's happening later this month. theyy saa he new name will be livv in north baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at ttn. fox455.. &pteams....p... crime... maappng website... on--liine...///"spotcrrmm" ... tracks... ii... our ... crime happens....//.sign uu... by... goonn.... to .... fox- baltimore ot com..//click... on... topics" section... aat.. the top of the screen 3&balttmore's new police anthony batts was sworn-inn of . tonight at ity hall.the d-c native anddformerroakland, califfrnia police chhef was on the job since september. pumbbr
millionaires. keith fitzgerald is after the break. we get his reaction to this. >> did you inherit wealth? >> yes i have inherited wealth but i have also made money on my own. stuart: when you inherited wealth. what about the rest of us who were strivers? [talking over each other] want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it! now we need a little bit more... [ male announcer ] at humana, we understand the value of qualittime and personal attention. which is why we are proud to partner wi health care professionals who understand the difference that ality time with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and other health professionals who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan... your efforts result in the quality of care and service we're able to provide... which means better health outcomes... and more quality time t
in the "newsnation" political pandemic, malika henderson, a stevie wonder panda fan, keith boykin, also stevie wonder fan, and not because we're all three people of color. everyone loves stevie wonder. let me put that out. i don't want people to say oh, they just love stevie wonder because of that. we all love stevie wonder. i digress. speaking of race in this race, obama's demographic gamble. it says in part, obama is likely to get blown out among white voters on election day, narrowly lose independents nationwide, and may yet still win. based on historic margins among people that often lean democratic, but don't necessarily vote at high stakes, latinos, african-americans, young people and unmarried women. keith, basic point of this article is that the template, if obama wins, will be one that democrats perhaps will follow for years to come. but you heard there in chris's report in ohio, they believe a white working class voters. but it's an interesting article. what do you make of this template change or demographic change for democrats? >> bill clinton had a word for, this and it's called arithmet
and keith ellison. >> brown: then, president obama sat down with mexico's president-elect, enrique pena nieto, this afternoon. one topic for them and for us tonight: the war on drugs, on both sides of the border. >> suarez: as lawmakers talk of reducing the country's debt, paul solman offers a history lesson on centuries of federal borrowing. >> the united states was going into default. we defaulted on many obligations to foreign creditors and to our own soldiers. >> brown: plus, every month, 1,000 young americans are infected with h.i.v., and most of those with the disease don't even know they have it. hari sreenivasan looks at a new report from the c.d.c. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporati
mick jagger and keith richards have feuded over the years but there's a sense that they are musicians and they want to be out there. you know money is certainly a part of it. but there also is a sense of you know legacy. they want to make that kind of lasting impact and prove it again. the stones are really scrappy on stage even in these big shows. >> they had some rough spots over the years. the relationship between mic and keith richards has been delicate at times. i talked to keith for sunday morning last year. here's what he had to say about mick. >> my job is to turn mick on is. if mick can turn the world on somebody has to spark him. >> how would you describe their relationship? >> obviously interesting. you know keith well spoken as ever that idea that i get the band started, i get mick started and he lights up the whole world. their relationship is a difficult one. there's a certain amount of honor among thieves between the two of them. they struggled together. they grew up together. they went to jail for the same reasons. they made a l
as baseball cycle game and to quote my fellow play-by-play man keith jackson, whoa nelly. [ laughter ] anyway the national poll shows a virtual tie with the president having a slight but persistent lead in some of the key battleground states. he has to close the deal. the deal is in the midwest. the candidates, their wives and running mates are covering eight battleground states in total today. we start by taking to you home base. mike, the president hits four states. what's his closing argument? >> we got ourselves a barn burner. i'm sitting here home alone. in the words of keith jackson and the words of david axelrod, his closing argument and this is the most memorable quote is coming from his loins. we saw the president come in late tonight. he was back out on the road early this morning. he stopped apartment fema one more time, back to helicopter, back to joint base andrews, back in air force one. he landed in mentor, ohio, that's northern ohio. in terms. closing argument, it's the same, basically the same stump speech but with that last final frenzy, that last bit of energy now that bost
with all the fixings. >> good morning. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's monday, november 12th, 2012. we honor those who served our country. right now, a d.c. group is preparing a luncheon for veterans who are homeless, in need of help. a place with an unbelievable history. >> reporter: this place has been around since 184. more on that in a minute. these guys cater towards vets. they're doing what they do best every day, and that's help out those who have helped us live the life that we lead every single day. the mission today keynote speaker retired u.s. army general pete fuller. he's in to, as we say, trade war stories. the mission, $5 million worth of food a year. it's not just vets. they also help out other men and women as well as young children. they also have extended care, 18 months, and also help out with counseling. this place was the original number one soulful service in washington, d.c. 1884. the executive director, a retired u.s. army general, gave us an idea how this started. >> so much heritage goes back to those alcoholics from the civil war on pennsylvania
... bi investigation...//. keith daniels... is... here now .... with... and allen.. keith. keith. jeff.... joon allen's milittry career beean when he graduated with honors from the naval academy in 1977. hh returned to teach.. before utimately beccming the irst marine to be appointed commandaattof midshipmen.. the second in commmnd at the naval academy in 2002. a distiiguished marine.. entangged tonight inna sex scandal.. general john allen.."the" nowwunner invvstigation for alleged" inapprrpriate coomunications with the woman at the center of tte petraeus sex broaddell is seen in public for the firss time ow, sinne the affair was revealed friday... jogging in the raii outside her brothhr's northwest d-cchome.. and then later leaving in an suu. uncovered tens of thousands of emails with ill kelley - she's the wommn who says she received threatening emails from broadwell,,general david petraeus's mistress. thoss emails led to the orgiiial fbi investigatton that uncovered the extramarital affair between broadwell and petraeuu.
and shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords learned his punishment. keith russell is following the sentencing for jared loughner. keith? >> wendy, jared lee loughner will spend the rest of his life in prison for last year's tragedy in tucson. survivors this afternoon acknowledged loughner suffers from mental illness. just about everyone concluded that does not excuse him from killing six people and injuring 13 others. loughner today received seven life terms. one for each of the six he killed outside a safeway in tucson, arizona, and one for the attempted assassination of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she had a chance to address loughner in court but she did not speak. her husband mark kelly said he failed in creating a world as dark as his. one staffer shot twice in the attack had this to say. >> i told him that it is my hope that his parents can eventually find some peace perhaps in changing or helping the lives of others, and i also hope that in the confined and very limited life that he will be leading, that he will find some small meaning in life each day. >> loughner diagnose
are still worlds apart. keith russell is in our newsroom with more on this high-stakes battle. keith? >> wendy, president obama's first remarks since being re-elected that he and congress have no choice. reach an agreement before the end of the year or taxes will go up for everyone, which could mean another recession. that's a deadline that's looming and the so-called fiscal cliff. in a speech at the white house today, the president said he's open toioids, as long as the wealthiest realize they have to do their part. >> i am not going to ask students and seniors and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me making over $250,000 aren't asked to pay a dime more in taxes. i'm not going to do that. >> reporter: just about two h r hours before president obama spoke, speaker of the house john boehner had his own news conference saying raising the highest rates will only hurt the economy more and proposed extending tax cuts from t bush era until 2013. >> everyone wants to get our economy moving, again. everyone wants to get more americans back to work, again
to work with congress to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. keith russell is tracking the president's travel today. keith? >> hey, wendy. president obama and the first family are running a little bit behind schedule. they were supposed to be landing back our way in the next few minutes. but after a late-night celebrating of reelection victory, they just boarded air force one in chicago. 2 million votes separated the president from mitt romney last night. president obama acknowledged there's a lot of hard work ahead. if there's no spending compromise by december 31st, taxes will go up for every american new year's today. he called the top lawmakers from both parties. harry reid said, he's not kicking the can down the road. and says, any solution should include higher taxes on the richest of the rich. at his victory rally this morning, the president told supporters the best is yet to come. >> i believe we can seize this future together. because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we are greater than the sum of our individual ambi
supporters celebrating a big victory this morning. >> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, november 7th, 2012. we begin with morning with the latest post election headlines. fresh off the big win, president obama celebrating his victory. the president and the rest of the first family head back to d.c. this afternoon. tim kaine defeated george allen in the senate race. he will discuss the win in richmond at noon. maryland voters passed all three ballot measures allowing the expansion of gamble, same-sex marriage and undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. we'll have more on the election results. first, the latest on a storm headed in our direction. >> at this hour, rain has not started to fall in the metro area. that will change. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> a lot of clouds. there's capitol hill. looking at storm team 4 radar, we don't have anything falling. there's heavy snowfalling across southern new jersey. that is moving toward the west coming from a coastal area of low pr
midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, november 13th, 2012. we have breaking news. unusual scene in court. just now, it ended with no plea deal were suspected east coast rapist. prosecutors believe aaron thomas was going to plead guilty for the 2009 attack on three teenagers. there was confusion as he hesitated to enter a plea. he said i don't know what way is right and which way is wrong. after a short recess, he backed out of the plea deal. julie carey is in court and will bring the latest. >>> kwame brown is being sentenced on a federal bank charge. he resigned from the d.c. council. brown admitted to lying on applications to obtain bank loans. he faces up to six months in prison. prosecution is asking for six days followed by supervised release. we'll bring you the sentence when it's handed down. >>> right now, the trial of a bowie state. the two got into an argument over the volume of an ipod. simpson's attorney says she was acting in lf-defense. >> we are following a story right now. the top military leader in afghanistan. the pentagon says its investiga
there are characterizing the turnout as heavy today. keith russell joins us from the live desk with more. keith? >> thanks, pat. the power is still out for some and dozens of polling sites are unusable. the voters said the devastation brought on by the storm would not stop them from exercising their civic duty. it wasn't without its challenges though. some new yorkers reported long lines and confusion when they showed up at polling spots to cast their ballots. voting machines were set up in the hard hit far rockaway neighborhood of queens but voting was briefly delayed while poll workers struggled with generators. in new jersey, displaced voters were allowed to cast provisional ballots at any voting location. however, as easy as officials tried to make it, there was some major frustration. >> i've been here three time. they finally got the machines in. now it is jammed up. it is total chaos. >> i'm sure it will be because of sandy, a little chaos here and there. that's just natural. you have a big event with a disaster like sandy. but you can make your voice heard. >> still not known tonight whetr these p
all to answer this question. what does your company do? keith, starting with you. >> hi, gerri, thanks for having me. a general contracting company, mainly in defense, and we are located in baton rouge, louisiana, reasonable offices in dallas, texas, and general contractor. -erri: all right, julia? >> hi, thank you so much, gerri. we help people become healthier, happier, and smarter. gerri: i need a lot of that, yeah. >> it helps you exercise better and sleep better and get better nutrition. gerri: oh, my lord. >> lose pounds. gerri: sounds magical. >> we hope it is. gerri: andy, you're a defense contractor; correct? >> yes, thank you very much for having me tonight. gerri: you're welcome. glad to have you here. andy, how did the president find you and decide you were the right small business person to have on? >> well, we do, down here in florida, we do computer based and web base training, growing from me, myself, and i over the last five years to 10 # 5 employees in ten states. we've been reck nilsedded by -- recognized by the small business administration and "ink" magazine rankin
editor, mark murray. "the hill's" amy stoddard and democratic strategist and cnbc contributor keith boykin. mark, let me start with you and look at the map where the candidates are traveling. our colleague, chuck todd, said something this morning regarding polls because we've seen them all over the place. they do have a similar storyline in that governor romney has not been able to pass the president in these battleground states, but he has closed in some. nevertheless, chuck indicates that take a look at the map and where they're traveling. this is going to be -- we already know the states where the race will be won or battle till the bloody end here? >> what seems to be happening for president obama is that he has a firewall in the midwest or at least his campaign hopes that. actually, the election results come on tuesday might very well hinge on whether that firewall truly exists or not. according to our polls that you just showed in iowa, president obama has a lead. in wisconsin, it's a smaller lead. some other public polls suggest that as well. however, the romney campaign has
... for those found in possesiin. 3 3 leealizing marijuana in started after two states voted to approve it.keith daniels wanted to weigh in onnthe issue. issue.. 3 it seemed eaay o find people on it seemed easy it seemeddeasy to find people on the streett of baltimore city to give an ppinion on this question: shouud marijuana be criminalized, remove the e--- prosecution element from the current laws.........(mr. zaahman) "i wooldn't personally use it, but i feel like if someone wants to, that's their business, it's not y busines.."(mr. ali) "i don't think that it's any greater detriment to society than alcohhl or prescrippion drugg.."((r. przybylski) "in increase the tax base for the city and state governments..." ........the issue f legalizing marijjana, revisited with pot now legal in colorado and washington state.. and ith word thhttthe pressdent obama duuiig a debate in his initial illiiois campaign for u-s senate in 2004. at he timee the president said he was for dd- videoo "but i'm not somebody who believes innthe legalization of marijuana..." .........some maryland balti
maae... an... illegal a.f d. late eti,... officer rridedda an's home charges... keith daniell... live downtown... outside the city &p wherr. prosecutors fileddcharges.. keithh the ict. t&cts nameeis adam io lewellen. he's a 30-year- viooent ccime iipact section. and now, according o this &pindictment, he faces sever missonduct...... urd 3 and 6 other officers used tive forced to gee inside this home east avenueein march. d asuteeayy man who lived there. charggs were later dropped against hii. according to court papers, prosecutoosslearned lewellln may havv lied when he told a judge the mannhad been seen dealing drugs duuing a cen'cotilion cident.. but thh arrest. (mr. wunder/neighbor) "you always thiik of the pplice officer beinggon your side. so, that's kind of sccry actually that they would go and do that..' that..'(mr. prodey/neighbor) "it's crazy, like, peopleethat ain't even doing nothiig, the cops go after. but there's other people around here doing way mmre stuff anddnothi for now, lewellen is suupended.. he's lost is police powers.. he's on administrrtive dutt
? you do have public comment on this matter. all right. keith bollenger followed by mary liz harris, and tony ann. >> good afternoon, mr. bollenger. >>> good afternoon, my name is keith. i'm a native san franciscan. i'm here in capacity as john doe citizen. i'd like to say i'm usually a fierce critic of muni, but along with the njuda express and this proposed expansion of the 76, more power to you. i really like the fact this may be improving that. let me relate there is a hostile on the marin head lands. i happen to be a lifetime member. golden gate transit doesn't go out there during the week. i'm of modest means. i do not own a motor vehicle. so i've got no means of getting out there. i asked the people who workout there, how do you do? we take a bus to the end of the tunnel and hitch hike. no thank you. so, it blows me away the golden gate transit neglects this transit area within their own territory, their own county. i find it super ironic that muni and the sfmta isn't remedying their lack of foresight. so, i wholly support any efforts to expand service. thank you for your tim
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